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Geophysical services

Electrical resistivity tomography services

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Why do we need electrical resistivity tomography services (ERT) ?

Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) is an advanced geophysics method to determine the sub-surface’s resistivity distribution by making measurements on the ground surface.

ERT profiles consist of a modeled cross-sectional (2-D) plot of resistivity (Ω·m) versus depth

  • Firstly, Sinkhole/void locating
  • Secondly, mapping of depth to bedrock
  • Thirdly, groundwater table investigation
  • Fourthly, mapping of bedrock fracture zones
  • Mapping extents of conductive contaminant plumes
  • Landfill delineation
  • In addition archaeological site mapping

Methodology and data processing

ERT is a geophysical technique for imaging subsurface structures from electrical resistivity measurements made at the surface 2-D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) is now mainly carried out with a multi-electrode resistivity meter system. Such surveys use many electrodes laid out in a straight line with constant spacing. after that A computer-controlled system is used to automatically select the active electrodes for each measure. A computer-controlled system is then used to automatically select the active electrodes for each measure.

As a result, the investigation area has resistivity values ranging from a few tens of Ω·m to a few hundred thousand Ω·m, from the measurement results we have the following observations:

– The zone of low resistivity with the ability to the moist sand-soil layer, water-bearing fractured rock.

– The zone with high resistivity with the ability to the dry sand-soil layer, hard rock, or less weathered rock.

Electrical resistivity tomography  ERT is a useful near-surface imaging technique, which mainly include data acquisition, numerical modeling and tomographic inversion. As a result, for surface data acquisition, dipole-dipole, Schlumberger and gradient arrays are applicable for high-resolution images, particularly, the full-range gradient array may complement to the gradient array for better data coverage and completeness of data information. My Son Application Science Research Company is a leader in electrical resistivity tomography ERT services in VietNam And Southeast Asia.

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In conclusion, Non Destructive, Precise and Cost Efficient.

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